Will your next cigarette be “the one”?

“How long have you been smoking Brian?” “Twenty five years,” I replied. “Have you ever tried to quit smoking?” “Many times.” “Well then, would you agree that you really haven’t spent twenty five years smoking. It would be more like you’ve spent twenty

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Junkie thinking – a smoker’s worst enemy

If your New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking and you are still smoking, there is only one reason for that. It’s called Junkie thinking; the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind talked you into it. Junkie thinking is what keeps you smoking and it keeps the tobacco

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Don’t quit trying to quit smoking

Whenever I ask smokers why they don’t quit smoking the kind of answers I get most are: “I’ve tried to lots of times… but I just can’t do it.” “I know it’s a bad habit but I’m too far gone.” “I’d love

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Why I hate the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry took my money to live their dreams and gave me nothing in return. Except nightmares. I was 13 years old when a cool, older guy offered me my first, “Cummon Keelan, be a man. It won’t kill y’a,”

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Do you have a plan to quit smoking?

During the forty years that I was trying to quit smoking, if somebody had asked me if I had a plan to quit smoking, I would have told them, “Yeah… sure. I’ve got a plan. My plan this time is to…..” and I

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Tis the season to quit smoking

For the 50,000,000 or so smokers in Canada and the USA – and very probably the other 950,500,000 smokers in the rest of the world, their number 1 New Year’s resolution will likely be to quit smoking. It’s probably something they do every

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Why Smokers Can’t Quit Smoking

Today, whenever I ask people why they can’t quit smoking the kind of answers I will get  are: “I can’t quit because I’m hooked.” “I’m too far gone” “I’d love to quit but I just can’t do it.” “I have

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The e-cigarette industry needs our kids

Like any industry, the e-cigarette industry needs new customers so that it can profit, grow and perpetuate itself. That means they need kids because kids are where the tobacco/nicotine-delivery industry gets over 90% of it’s customers. You ask a twenty year old who

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The e-cigarette: a new player in an old business

It’s lucky for me that e-cigarettes were not around when I was a smoker. I might still be addicted to nicotine today if they were. Today I am free of that dirty business and all it’s products because in the process of

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Conversation with a smoker

I looked the smoker straight in the eye as he held his lighter up to his cigarette. There was an awkward silence and then the smoker asked me, “Does my smoking bother you?” I said, “Not really. I smoked at least a

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