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About Brian Keelan

Brian Keelan

I live in Bright’s Grove, Ontario on the blue water shores of Lake Huron.

Along with Sylvia, my family, road trips with my friends, riding my bike, sailing, cool boats and good weather, I love music, movies and really good sound systems.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario – majoring in economics and philosophy.

After a sales career at IBM, I took my love of good sound and married it to my love of movies. I was the first guy I knew of to ever hook up a VCR to a sound system. Once I saw and heard the results, I figured, “Oh boy… my customers are going to love this.” For the next 25 years, I owned and operated Keelans Audio Video Centre and we led the way in our market with home theater systems, custom installations and backed it up with great service.

I retired from the consumer electronics business in 2003 to pursue a writing career. Today I am  the author of: How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Life and 400 Jokes You Can Tell Anybody. The joke books came because on my journey to a smoke-free life, I discovered that nicotine addiction, is a simple quest for endorphins and laughter is one of the healthiest source of endorphins there is.

I also have over 110 published articles in First, magazines, blogs and newspapers and I am  working on a novel with a working title called: Dead Wrong.

Since quitting smoking had such a profound impact on my life from both a health and a financial perspective, I have used the money I would have spent on cigarettes to embark on a series of “bucket list” adventures that, I wouldn’t even be alive to experience let alone afford if I hadn’t eliminated my addiction to nicotine. As a  result I am also working on a series of short stories called: Bucket Rides.  The first one: Chasing The Pacific High is available at e-book stores everywhere.

I also conduct seminars. One of them is for teenagers called: The Truth About Smoking – 10 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know and another quit-smoking bootcamp for smokers called: How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Life… plus a lot of money.

I would love to hear from any of you who have read my quit smoking book – what worked / what didn’t work etc. Any ideas you may have about how to make it more helpful to smokers who are trying to quit would be appreciated. Also, if you have any good jokes that would work in future editions of my joke books… please send them along.
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