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I’ve been watching a YouTube Channel called, BestofUsIinvestors ever since Christmas. It’s hosted by an older gentleman – who is actually a year younger than me – named Kerry Grinkmeyer. Kerry’s from Alabama where he spent his life as a financial advisor and now – after a period of retirement – he’s back in the game and he has some pretty interesting things to say.

He believes that war with guns, bombs, aircraft carriers and ICBM missiles is a thing of the past. The new wars will be fought using things like cyber technology and biological weapons. Terrorists will no longer fly planes into buildings or strap bombs to desperate people and pay them to walk into high-density, populated areas and blow themselves and everybody else to smithereens. There is no longer any need for that and besides, recruitment was starting to get difficult. It makes me think of a routine Flip Wilson used to do about ancient Rome. “In those days everybody went to the arena to watch the Lions against the Christians. The Lions were undefeated. The Christians had a great coach, but the team was a little shaky.”

Now the terrorists will use our own inventions – the internet and biological warfare – against us. They will try to shut down our power grids and cause havoc in our distribution systems. They will also engineer new viruses and send them to us on our own airplanes. Why do they do that? I don’t know, personally I think it's because they’re just dicks.

And please don’t forget about the climate issues which I personally believe are very connected to the population explosion. I mean cummon. In 1960 there were 3 billion people on this planet. Today there are 7.8 billion. If we still had only 3 billion people on this planet instead of almost 8 billion, do you think we would have the climate issues we have today? Fewer power plants, fewer cars (and fewer toilets) – thus less demand for toilet paper. Less beef farming too. Less electricity and less use of carbon fuels. But do you see much effort being put forth to get the planet to stop producing more people?

Nope. No money to be made there or at least they haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Personally, I think people should be licensed to have children… I just don’t know how to make that work without the use of guns and knives. But Kerry Grinkmeyer’s thoughts on the future of genome editing and how we can use it to live longer and design children who will live longer, be healthier and have good skin and hair is very interesting and is an exciting area to consider investing a few bucks.

Just go to YouTube and in the search panel, type in: BestofUsInvestors. I am not saying you should buy any of the stocks he recommends. You can make that decision for yourself.

If we could engineer it so that every man was born sterile and had to get a shot of something that would allow him to produce children, we would then be able to engineer our future; population-wise.

The thing about vaccines

I’m sure that you all know who Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Fauci are. They are – to me – the two big voices – and faces – of COVID 19. So today I sit here as a double Pfizer-vaxed guy wondering why there are so many people out there who are refusing to get vaccinated. I find it is usually because they can’t accept the fact that a vaccine has been developed so quickly and is now endorsed by the all the governments as “Safe and Effective.” In the past, vaccine development hasn’t happened without years of development and testing on a massive scale. So, the question of the day is: how can we have developed “safe and effective” vaccines in such a short time?

Many people will say it’s got to be government sponsored bullshit as in: “It’s probably something Bill Gates has developed so that they can install little, tiny micro-robots in our bloodstream, and they will take over our brains and the government will finally be able to control us. Yeah… that’s it.”

All I can say is, “Really?” We are a long way from being able to do that… so I am told.

Yet despite all the information from the Faucis and the Guptas out there, I still do not understand what the hell they are talking about when they try to explain the reliability of the whole “safe vaccination" thing. That is until I heard what Kerry Grinkmeyer had to say about it.

“The reason we got our vaccine as quickly as we did is because of genome sequencing and genome editing. They literally sequenced the genome of the virus and then ran tests in petri dishes to determine what sort of protein they had to introduce to that virus in order to kill it. Then they put that in these vaccines that we have hopefully all taken and this is our next weapon in the fight against the new wave of terrorism.”

Now I get it. Technology is really working for us on this one and will keep us ahead of the game. Genome sequencing and genome editing really is the wave of the future.

It’s also interesting to see that the overwhelming majority of COVID cases are people who have not been vaccinated and now some of the “deniers” are stepping into the light.

The Cyber thing.

The scary guys on the cyberwarfare front are China, Russia, the USA and the terrorist countries. I say terrorist countries because I don’t want to name anybody specifically and get called a racist or – even worse – a right-wing nutjob. To paraphrase Groucho Marx – "I would never want to be a member of any political party that would have someone like me as a member."

On Wednesday July 21, I listened to a podcast by the New York Times called “The Daily.” This one talked about cyber-attacks on the USA and the rest of the world by China and Russia: specifically, the Chinese government’s recent bold and brazen hacking of Microsoft. In the past when Russia cyber-attacked the US, the US responded with economic sanctions. They did that because Russia had very little to fight back with in that area since we don’t do a lot of business with Russia. Their economy is 10% smaller than Canada’s and they have almost four times as many people.

But when the Chinese do cyber-attack the US, Biden can’t put too much economic sanction pressure on the Chinese because they can play that game too. The US saw what happened when Germany tried that and the Chinese replied, “You know about 25% of the luxury cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are sold here in China. You keep it up with this sanction crap and we’ll shut you down here in the car business.” Now the German government – instead of just having China to worry about – also has their domestic automobile business to deal with and lots of jobs and votes are at stake.

Well played China. It’s now just a gigantic poker game with China and the USA holding most of the chips. They will continue to tell their own people what a terribly, unethical bunch of lowlifes are on the other side of the table while they themselves have nothing but the noblest of intentions and purity of purpose. They will rant and rave about the brazen attacks by the other side and how, “This will not be tolerated,” but it usually just turns out to be saber-rattling because in the backrooms when they say that to the Chinese the Chinese say, “We do it to you because you are doing it to us.”

I would love to hear a reporter ask President Biden or even our own dear, sweet, apologetic, gullible Justin, “Are we doing any hacking of the Chinese?”

I’m sure the reporter who asked that would never get into another press conference.

So here I am on the outside looking in – along with the rest of you – wondering – as Richard Pryor said so eloquently, “How long will this bullshit go on?”  

The summer of Dave

Two summers ago, I was up on the north shore of Lake Superior in a fishing camp with some friends. There was a guy there named Dave – a very interesting young man and an excellent fly fisherman. At that time, he worked for KPMG and was in charge of managing their world-wide network so they could do on-line accounting for their customers located all over the world. Since we were so far off the grid up there, we had no cellphone service and no internet which – these days – can be a bit of a shock to your routine. I noticed that Dave would stand out on the point in front of our cabin overlooking the Slate Islands – and have long conversations on his cellphone. When I asked him why his phone worked for him when our phones would not work for us, he told me that his phone was, “a sat-phone.”

That led to me asking him about 5G – the next new wave of cell-phone technology. I was surprised to hear that neither Canada nor the USA are building this technology. We are building the infrastructure to make it work but the technology itself will be imported.

This caused me to ask, “This technology you speak of oh wise one. From whom shall we import it?”

“Either China or South Korea,” he said.

“Who are the players?” I asked.

“Huawei and Samsung are the big guys,” he replied.

At that time – and sadly still to this day – Canada was heavily embroiled in the Huawei “incident” where we were holding the daughter of the Huawei CEO in Canada for possible extradition to the USA to face charges over there. The Chinese in turn are holding two Canadian citizens known far and wide as, “the two Michaels” in China on charges of spying; an act that is now subtly referred to as “hostage diplomacy.” Normal citizens shake our heads in disbelief as we watch our governments tell each other to go to hell – but in the nicest possible ways.

I am surprised to see that our PM – dear, sweet, gullible, apologetic Justin – is considering letting Huawei supply our 5G system. That's because you really need to be able to trust the people you do that kind of business with, and I seriously doubt the Chinese can be trusted that way for more than say fifteen minutes. The people I talk to who do business with them agree.

So does Dave. He says that South Korea can be trusted because they need us to be on their side since their biggest fear is North Korea and their big buddy: China. It makes sense that we do business with South Korea.

I hope somebody will explain that to dear, sweet, gullible, apologetic Justin.

But then there’s Wal-Mart and Costco and lots of other people who are in bed with China and need the cheap inventory. But – with the price of shipping up over 400% in the last year – I wonder how long will it stay cheap?

And the circle is complete

This brings me back to Kerry Grinkmeyer and his other favourite business of the future: 3 D printing. He says that his BMW is comprised of 30,000 parts and that 1,000 of those parts can be made on a 3-D printer. Parts can be made on demand at the site where it’s needed with no labour costs and no shipping costs. It can also make bones and breast augmentations. This is one product with a great future. You make money selling the printer and you make lots more money selling the “ink.”

Now these are all just my opinions and I could be wrong about the future but I’ve a got sneaky feeling that Dave would agree with me.

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