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Dear Brian,

 My name is Josh Head, I live in Melbourne Australia. I began smoking in March 2004 and have been trying to quit since 2006. I wasn't just a smoker, from the word go I was a chain smoker. I rolled my own and each morning I would buy a packet of papers, (50 papers in each), I'd smoke all day then the next morning I'd buy another packet. That's 50 cigarettes per day for 12 years.In Australia a 50 gram packet of roll your own shredded tobacco costs as much as $78 and it would last me about 2 days. 

 I had every emotional hook and every habitual hook you can think of and my physical addiction to nicotine was so strong I was beside myself if I went 8 hours without one. Generally I couldn't go 20 mins without a serious compulsion for a cigarette. I even made other smokers grossed out. Girlfriends would be ashamed of me and to be honest I was ashamed of myself. But locked.. Trapped.

 I bought your audio book, "How to Quit Smoking and Save Your Life" on iTunes in 2014 and listened to it many times. I tried and failed with it again and again. I kept telling myself if I could only go 6 months without a cigarette, I could go the rest of my life. But it just seemed so so far away. The last time I went 2 months and then relapsed... I was literally reduced to tears in my room, alone, in the grip of the most addictive drug in the world, that was so expensive I couldn't afford food after buying it on my part-time salary. I was heartbroken and in tears.

 But on April 1st this year I pulled your book out one last time. I must have listened to it 10 times now. I did all the math, all the exercises, I truly educated myself. I got a real perspective, a power, an anger. I hoped that my quit date on April 1st wouldn't turn out to be some kind of ironic April fools day joke... I committed. I did it.

 2 weeks ago on October 1st I celebrated my 6 month anniversary as a non smoker. I have never felt so strong. I haven't even thought about smoking for months. I have COMPLETELY redesigned my identity, my inner blueprint. It's like I can't even remember my old life and best yet I know that because of the amount of knowledge I got from your book... there is absolutely no way, ever, that I could go backwards and smoke tobacco again.

 Brian, I have not smoked a cigarette for half a year and it has turned out exactly as you described in the book... "It's SO doable".

 I just wanted to tell you that I identified with your story,and appreciated your wealth of experience in the book. I appreciate the hard work you put into it. At the end of my tethered rope, I was still able, with your help, to beat an addiction that had completely ruined my life up until the beginning of this year. 

 Thank you. Please continue your work, and I hope that you hear many more success stories like this. I couldn't have experienced this amazing life change without your help.

That you,

Kind regards,

Josh Head


This is a series of three letters I received from a lady who used my book to help her quit. I met her when she interviewed me for a radio program she was producing. I gave her a copy of my book to prepare for the interview and this is what happened:


“Hi Brian!

Holding strong here, 51 days and $510 later. Every now and then I am surprised by an urge, but I refuse to ever act on it.  Still SO happy not to be a smoker!!

Thanks, Bee”


“Hey Brian,

You definitely helped me (saved $590 as of today!) and like you said, I can’t believe it took me so long!! I can’t imagine how I could have liked sucking in poison like that.  ETC, ETC, ETC….you know what I’m talking about–you said it would be this way.  You and your book are what made the difference for me.

Thanks, Bee”


“Hi Brian.

Yesterday was my 100th day with no cigs, which translates to $1,000!!!! I’m still feeling so great about quitting.

Thanks again, Bee”

These are letters from former smokers who used my technique to help them quit.

“Hello Brian!

You don’t know me. I’m a singing teacher and I tell all my “smoking” students about your book.

I smoked age 17-47 (I’m 55 years old now). Your book was so helpful to get me to quit. I tried 13 times the year before.

I should have written much sooner to say thank you. But I keep my copy of your book on hand in my home studio. I show it to students to help them plant the seed to quit. I never preach.

It was killing me and it’s a powerful drug. Imagine a singer who smokes. I think that was one of the obstacles to my success.

I estimated it cost me approx… $52,000 – maybe more including what I gave away.

Thanks so much for this great book!



“Hey Brian,

Quitting was hard. The only things that were harder were the accommodations that I made in my life to sustain my addiction. I had tried all of the ‘over the counter’ remedies but realized quickly that they don’t work and I couldn’t do it all by myself. I needed help.

Your book was the only support I felt I had and the best thing was, it didn’t judge me and scold me when I failed, but was there for me anytime I chose to pick it up. I stopped many times. We all have. I can thank you and your dog eared book now because I have been smoke free for 2 years.

I sleep with your book under my bed. Don’t tell anyone ok?

Stephanie Ferrera”


“Dear Brian,

When we first met and began speaking about the possibility of quitting smoking I never thought that over a year later I would be smoke free.

Reading your book was truly inspirational. Over the 15 years I smoked, I tried every pill, gum, and laser treatment and many other failures to quit. You talked me into trying one day at a time.

I remember in the 4th week after quitting (cold turkey) I was having a real tough time. I reread your book that week and haven’t had a craving since.

Thanks so much Brian. I owe you.

All the best.

Okan Zeytinoglu”
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