You CAN quit smoking forever...

I smoked over 350,000 cigarettes during my 40 year addiction to nicotine and I failed to quit on over 70 different occasions before I finally smoked my last cigarette... over 98,000 cigarettes ago! How did I finally do it?

Simple... I learned how to do it.

And I can show you how to do it too. My book will take about 8 hours of your time to read or listen to and then you will be ready to become the tobacco industry's worst nightmare... an ex-smoker. Want to know HOW it works? Listen to this interview with Brian!

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Junkie thinking – a smoker’s worst enemy

If your New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking and you are still smoking, there is only one reason for that. It’s called Junkie thinking; the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind talked you into it. Junkie thinking is what keeps you smoking and it keeps the tobacco


Don’t quit trying to quit smoking

Whenever I ask smokers why they don’t quit smoking the kind of answers I get most are: “I’ve tried to lots of times… but I just can’t do it.” “I know it’s a bad habit but I’m too far gone.” “I’d love


Why I hate the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry took my money to live their dreams and gave me nothing in return. Except nightmares. I was 13 years old when a cool, older guy offered me my first, “Cummon Keelan, be a man. It won’t kill y’a,”


Do you have a plan to quit smoking?

During the forty years that I was trying to quit smoking, if somebody had asked me if I had a plan to quit smoking, I would have told them, “Yeah… sure. I’ve got a plan. My plan this time is to…..” and I