Junkie thinking – a smoker’s worst enemy

Junkie thinking – a smoker’s worst enemy

If your New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking and you are still smoking, there is only one reason for that. It’s called Junkie thinking; the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind talked you into it. Junkie thinking is what keeps you smoking and it keeps the tobacco industry and the rest of the people, corporations and organizations who exploit the addictive properties of the drug nicotine, in business.

What is junkie thinking?

Junkie thinking is a smoker's worst enemy.

Junkie thinking is every smoker’s worst enemy.

Junkie thinking occurs – for smokers – when an addicted smoker rationalizes one of two situations:

  1. You are actively using the drug nicotine – to which you are addicted – and you find “rational” reasons for continuing to smoke or use the drug nicotine in any other form.
  2. You have stopped using the drug nicotine and you need a good, “rational” reason for starting to use it again. You do that because the urge to smoke – which is actually a symptom of nicotine withdrawal – is stressing you out and because you know it would be unwise and illogical to give in and smoke a cigarette, you need a ‘good, logical’ reason to do it - i.e. - “I’ll just smoke this one and then I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow. It’s no big deal really.”

You need to have a reason that you can live with for smoking and - to that end - what I will refer to from now on as “the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind” - will always be there for you – ready, willing and able to provide you with lots of good, totally justifiable ,”reasons” for smoking your next cigarette… and the one after that and so on… Without the “the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind,” to support your “well-rationalized” reason(s) for smoking, you would have to admit the truth about why you continue to smoke in spite of the fact that you know it is slowly destroying every organ in your body and a rational human being could not live with that.

Thus… we - I say “we” here because I did exactly that 43 years – fall victim to “junkie thinking.”

We do that because…

No addict wants to look their real problem square in the eye and deal with it. If they did that, all the stress they think they relieve by smoking a cigarette  – or using any other kind of destructive drug – would be easily wiped out by the stress derived from knowingly doing something so dangerous. It’s much easier to just light up a cigarette and let the tension go. Psychologists call it rationalization… but out in the real world – the one you and I live in – it’s called junkie-thinking. In true junkie fashion we would rather use the term rationalize, because it doesn’t sound as bad as junkie-thinking. That’s because… it is commonly perceived that junkie thinking and anything to do with being a junkie, is for those who are addicted to the really serious shit like booze, heroin, fentanyl, and all the opioids. "That shit is for losers!" And we smokers are winners… right? I mean we smoke the cool brands just like the cool people in the movies and in all the cool magazines like Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine and even the National Enquirer do… and they’re all winners. Right?

How junkie thinking keeps the cigarette business… in business.

Once I came to understand and accept the fact that junkie-thinking was the reason I allowed myself to smoke, I also saw how the tobacco industry re-enforced junkie-thinking by marketing and portraying smoking as something cool people did. They needed me to buy into their bullshit because if I didn’t, I would make a more sincere effort to quit smoking and maybe, just maybe get out of their clutches or what the tobacco industry likes to call, their customer base.

What every smoker needs to know about junkie thinking

  1. A smoker needs to know what junkie thinking is and understand that it is your worst enemy.
  2. A smoker needs to know that junkie thinking is the reason you will smoke your next cigarette.
  3. A smoker needs to know all about junkie thinking before you smoke your last cigarette. That's because nobody who wants to make a positive improvement to their life would want anything to do with

What every smoker needs to do about junkie thinking

  1. Be aware of junkie-thinking… well aware of it. Learn everything you can about it so that you know when the junkie its talking to you.
  2. Develop a plan for dealing with the junkie and getting the junkie’s ugly ass out of your life forever.

How to plan to beat the junkie

There is (in my opinion) only one way to beat “the junkie-who-lives-inside-your-mind,” and that is to make your mind – the place where the junkie lives – a very uncomfortable place for the junkie; a place where the junkie will die – hopefully a horrible death – if he stays. Right now, your mind is a comfortable place for the junkie to live because there are lots of pleasant audio/video images in your mind that relate to smoking cigarettes that the junkie can use to help you justify smoking your next cigarette. You need to find a way to get those images out of your head and replace them with truthful, real-life audio/video images that you – and the junkie – cannot live with. Fortunately, that is a skill that you can learn… easily. All you really need is to be aware of it and then develop the will to do it. I have lots of good information that can help you do that… information that worked for me.

Quitting smoking will be much easier for you to do if the junkie is gone from your mind and by that I mean, out on his ass… forever!

And now for…

The BIG question

Why do you really honestly think you are smoking today?

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